How to connect a Bluetooth device on Ford F-150

Do you want to connect your mobile phone to the Ford F-150 or make a call using the hands-free system? Here you can read how to do it.

Ford F-150 14th generation

The general rule when driving: hands off your smartphone! While you are driving, you are not even allowed to pick up your cell phone, otherwise the risk of accidents increases considerably due to the distraction. But if you connect your mobile phone to the car, you can also use many functions while driving.

Connecting Bluetooth device on F-150

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.
  2. Go to Settings tab on the center touchscreen.
  3. Select Connectivity.
  4. Select Bluetooth.
  5. Touch Add a Bluetooth Device.
    Note: A prompt alerts you to search for your vehicle on your device.
  6. Select your vehicle on your device.
    Note: A number appears on your device and on the touchscreen.
  7. Confirm that the number on your device matches the number on the touchscreen.
    Note: The touchscreen indicates that you have successfully paired your device.
Bluetooth settings location on SYNC 4, Ford F-150 14th generation

Playing media via Bluetooth

  1. Connect your device or smartphone.
  2. Touch the Audio button on the feature bar.
  3. Touch Sources.
  4. Select Bluetooth Audio.
  5. Use the media playback buttons to play your favorite music from your device.
Bluetooth Audio in Entertainment Sources on SYNC 4

Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

The 14th generation of Ford F-150 (2021+ models) now features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. When you establish a Bluetooth connection, you may also be prompted to activate CarPlay or Android Auto. Read this article to learn how to set up wireless Apple CarPlay on F-150.

Author: Nabeel K

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