How to use adaptive cruise control on Ford Edge SUV

Adaptive cruise control is a feature that once activated, will automatically keep the vehicle at a predefined distance from the vehicle in front of you on the road. The latest ACC system on Ford Edge, and some other Ford vehicles, also has the ability to automatically steer and keep the vehicle centered in the lane.

Ford Edge – picture by Ford

Ford adaptive cruise control Stop-and-Go function allows the vehicle to come to a complete stop and drive off again as the car in front moves. It allows for a more stress free driving experience during rush-hours.

1. To activate adaptive cruise control, press the ON button on the steering wheel.

2. Then press the SET button on the steering wheel after accelerating the vehicle to your desired speed. You can now take your foot off the accelerator pedal.

3. To adjust the cruising distance, press the gap settings button on the steering wheel.

4. Pressing the gap button will bring up visual representation of the distance on the instrument cluster screen. There are four gap options that you can choose. Pressing the gap button four times will show four bars on the screen. Pressing the button for the fifth time will cycle it back to one bar.

5. The information screen will also show a green icon indicating that the adaptive cruise is active, and also shows cruising maximum speed when there are no vehicles in front.

6. In case the leading vehicle comes to a complete stop, your vehicle will also stop. Now, if the leading vehicle moves again within 3 seconds, then your vehicle will also continue following. But if the vehicle is stationary for more than 3 seconds, the cruise system will automatically deactivate. To resume adaptive cruise, press the RES button on the steering wheel. You can also push the accelerator pedal just slightly to resume.

7. You also have the option to switch to normal cruise control. To do so, press OK button on the steering wheel to bring up settings menu on instrument cluster screen. Scroll down and choose Driver Assist.

8. Then scroll down and choose Cruise Control from the menu.

9. This will open up options menu for Adaptive and Normal cruise. Make your selection using arrow buttons on the steering wheel and press OK.

10. Activating normal mode will disable the ACC, meaning that your vehicle will no longer follow the vehicle in front.

11. To cancel adaptive cruise or normal cruise, simply press the brake pedal, or press CNCL button on the steering wheel. To resume again, press the RES button.

12. Keep in mind that lane centering feature does not automatically gets activated with the adaptive cruise control. You will have to manually activate it every time. To activate it, press the lane centering button on the steering wheel.

13. This feature uses an on-board camera to detect painted road lines, and provides continuous steering assistance. Green vertical lines will appear on the screen to confirm that the feature is active, if they are grey that means the system is on but inactive.

14. Lane centering feature requires the driver to keep hands on the steering wheel at all times. If the system detects hands off the steering wheel for a certain amount of time, it will first give you warning to put your hands back on the wheel. If you don’t heed the warnings, the system will deactivate and also slow down the vehicle to crawling speed while maintaining steering control.

Author: Nabeel K

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