Painting the garage floor, tips and precautions

Painting the garage floor not only enhances the appearance of the garage, it also makes the concrete floor resistant, non-slip and oil-resistant. If you also want to paint your garage floor, you should observe a few rules of thumb. In this home tip, we explain exactly what these are.

The required materials

Before you can paint a garage floor, you should make sure that you have the necessary materials. In addition to a floor paint for concrete floors and a garage floor coating, you should have a garden broom, a vacuum cleaner, a spatula, masking tape, adhesive tape and a paintbrush, as well as a lambskin roller with a telescopic pole.

If there are oil stains on your garage floor, you should first treat the concrete floor with an oil stain remover before applying garage floor coating to the surface.

Repainting for the garage floor – the correct procedure

Before you paint your garage floor, you must clean it thoroughly beforehand. Even the smallest dirt particles can mix into the paint and negatively affect its adhesive strength. Use a vacuum cleaner and a broom for this. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a spatula while you remove oil stains with a suitable remover.

Cover the wall and other elements that you might accidentally paint with masking tape and fix it with adhesive tape.

Familiarize yourself with the use of the garage color. In some cases – especially with two-in-one systems – you can do without a special garage floor coating. Instead you have to apply a primer coat and a final coat after the paint has dried.

Apply the garage paint in regular strips with a lambskin roller and a telescopic pole. Use a paintbrush for places such as corners that you cannot reach with the lambskin roller.

Even if the paint has already dried, you must follow the instructions on the product packaging. There you can see when you can enter the garage floor again.

Author: Nabeel K

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