Wrapping or painting – which is better in the car?

If you have decided to spice up your car a little, the question often arises: paint or wrap? We present the advantages and advantages of both methods in this home tip.

Basically, your car gets along fine without wrapping, but it cannot do without painting. This means that wrapping can only be an additional measure, for example to protect the paint.

In particular, if you know from the start that you want to resell the vehicle later, you will probably choose a common color when buying a car. A black car usually sells much easier and also more expensive than a pink or grass green vehicle.

However, if you prefer pink or unusual patterns, simply let your car wrap according to your ideas.

If you want to sell the car later or you want to enjoy yourself with a different color, simply remove the film. Repainting the car is much more complex and, above all, more expensive.

The film not only protects the underlying paint, it is also significantly cheaper – often by 50 percent – than painting. For wrapping a small car you have to expect around $1,000.

The disadvantage of car wrapping, however, is that the film – in contrast to the paint – has a limited shelf life. As a rule, you have to remove the film after about five years, as it will then slowly become cracked and wavy.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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