Tips on painting your garage door

In this tip, we show you how to paint your garage door and what you need to watch out for. We have put together the tips and tricks for a newly painted garage door for you in this article.


Before you paint your garage door, you need to know the material of your door. Garage doors can consist of aluminum sheet, normal steel sheet or galvanized sheet. When processing it is important to know the material, not every garage door may be sanded or painted with every color.


Before starting work, put your tools together. This includes sandpaper, possibly a sanding machine, brushes and rollers and some buckets for the paint. Find something to stir the paint in the bucket. Put on old clothes and gloves, wear a face mask and safety glasses when sanding.

Aluminum gate

The aluminum gate should be sanded with fine sandpaper, 100 to 150 grit. Use silicone cleaner to clean the door after sanding. Then you can apply primer and paint, you need special primers and paints for aluminum.

Sheet steel

You also have to grind the garage door. A coarser sandpaper can be used here. Remove any rust that has accumulated until you have reached the clean sheet metal. With leveling compound and subsequent sanding, you get a flat base. For painting, use a paint that is based on rust protection.

Galvanized sheet

You must not grind a sheet of zinc, otherwise remove the protective zinc layer. It is cleaned with an acidic solution, find out beforehand from a specialist dealer about the best agent for your garage door. Then use a primer and paint that adheres to zinc for painting.

Author: Nabeel K

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