New Jeep Compass comes to Europe – new factory, new engines, new range

New factory, new engines, new equipment, new range, the new Italian made Jeep Compass MY20 arrives at all Jeep® distributors all over Europe.

2020 Jeep Compass – (photo by Jeep®)
  • Jeep® distributors can now order the new Jeep® Compass designed for the European market and manufactured at the FCA factory in Melfi, Italy.
  • Jeep® Compass has been updated to offer more technology, more connectivity and better efficiency
  • The Jeep® Compass receives the new 1.3 l petrol engine offered in two power levels (130 and 150 hp), which optimizes fuel consumption and guarantees lower CO 2 emissions .
  • For the first time, the Jeep® Compass offers a dual clutch transmission (DDCT) with a “Sport” driving mode
  • The new Uconnect Services are part of the standard configuration from the Longitude version.
  • Six new rims, five new exterior colors and other enhancements give the Jeep® Compass a fresh character and look .
  • Commercial launch in France will start in June from €29,500.
  • The new Jeep® Compass built in Melfi benefits from shorter delivery times, thus offering greater commercial flexibility.

Orders are now open for the Jeep® Compass, built for the European market at the FCA plant in Melfi, Italy.

The Compass is now made in Italy, which allows Jeep® to guarantee an average delivery time from the factory of around three weeks (compared to several months previously).

The growing success of the model, initially produced for Europe at the FCA factory in Toluca, Mexico, has made it possible to transpose production, including that of the plug-in hybrid 4×4 versions soon to be marketed, directly in Italy. This marks a new stage in the implementation of the FCA 5 billion investment plan in Italy and in the internationalization of the brand, while highlighting both technological innovation and excellence from the Italian factory, one of the most innovative in the world.

The Jeep Compass produced at the FCA factory in Melfi receives the new 1.3-liter petrol engine developing 130 or 150 horsepower, offering drivers a smooth and comfortable driving experience. New features include Uconnect Services for improved on-board connectivity, new styling elements such as six different rim models (one model for each version and exclusive 19-inch gloss black rims for the Brooklyn Edition model in France) as well than a palette of five new exterior colors: Triple Layer Ivory, Colorado Red, Italia Blue, Shade Blue and Techno Metallic Green – all of which can be offered with a black roof.

In order to offer the best products for each region, the dynamic characteristics of the Compass have been refined to be even more in line with the expectations of customers in the EMEA region. The maneuverability of the Compass “made in Melfi” is improved thanks to the new steering adjustments to make it lighter and more progressive, and targeted interventions on the suspension. These include the addition of shock absorbers with FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) valves which limit the body movements of the vehicle, without affecting comfort. The new Compass offers more precision when cornering at high speed, with less roll and pitch, and increased stability under braking. Above all, the driver experiences behavior more flexible and precise on the road, particularly noticeable on winding and degraded roads.

(photo by Jeep®)

The Jeep Compass manufactured in Melfi arrives at all French distributors in June with a full range of five versions – Longitude, Business, Brooklyn Edition, Limited and S – all with the two new petrol engines and only two-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive versions will be available in the second half of the year with rechargeable 4xe hybrid technology. Prices range from €29,500 for the 1.3 l 130 hp petrol models with manual transmission to €39,000 for the high-end S version.

Produced in Mexico, Brazil, China, India and now in Italy, the Jeep Compass – also supported by the electrified 4xe rechargeable hybrid version which will soon be marketed – is truly a world model. It benefits from a very special link with the EMEA region and especially with Europe. When launched there in 2017, it was the first Jeep model designed specifically for European roads. This laid the solid foundations for the success of the Jeep Compass, the best-selling Jeep® model in the world in 2019. With Renegade, these are the brand’s two flagship models in Europe.

New 1.3 liter turbo petrol engine

The new 1.3 l four-cylinder turbo petrol engine fitted to the Jeep Compass manufactured at the FCA factory in Melfi, is part of the new family of small engines (GSE for Gasoline Small Engine) designed by FCA and introduced in mid-2018 on the Jeep Renegade.

This engine is based on a modular structure and will be available on the Compass in four cylinders and two powers: 130 horsepower when mated to a six-speed manual transmission and 150 horsepower when combined with the automatic gearbox with six-speed dual clutch (DDCT). These two engines are only available in a two-wheel drive version. This is the first application of an automatic transmission with front-wheel drive on the Compass. This association is popular with customers in the Compact SUV segment. Indeed, sales of SUV 4×2 BVA currently represent 28% of the market in Europe. The new 1.3 l petrol engine complies with final Euro 6D standards and has a GPF filter (petrol particle filter).

(photo by Jeep®)

The new 1.3-liter turbo petrol engine is designed to offer excellent performance on the road, while providing optimal driving comfort. For the Compass (and compared to the Renegade), this new block has been updated with a specific turbo which promotes the response of the engine at low speed and reduces CO 2 emissions by up to 27%. The new engine also reduces fuel consumption by up to 30% (WLTP cycle) compared to previous versions, notably the petrol 4×4 with automatic transmission.

The Jeep Compass, combined with this new 1.3 l petrol engine and the dual-clutch automatic transmission, offers for the first time a “Sport” driving mode selectable via a button located on the central console. This dynamic driving mode adds more pleasure to daily urban journeys, firming the steering, refining the throttle response and adjusting the behavior of the transmission to obtain power and torque at higher revs. In addition, in Sport mode, the “freewheel” function is blocked. When the accelerator is released, this prevents you from shifting to a higher speed, to increase the engine brake and optimize reactivity during the next acceleration.

The GSE engine family has been developed by the FCA group to provide a new range of petrol engines characterized by better fuel efficiency and good performance in a wide range of applications. The basic structure guarantees efficiency, modularity and a considerable degree of standardization in terms of components and manufacturing process, flexibility and potential for future development. These engines are made entirely of aluminum for more lightness (weights start from 110 kilos for the four-cylinder engine). The housing, developed in partnership with Teksid, is made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy. All versions of the GSE family engines feature the third generation of exclusive MultiAir technology, which improves

The new 1.3 l petrol engine with 130 hp with manual transmission will be available on the Longitude, Business, Brooklyn Edition and Limited versions, while the 150 hp version with the automatic dual-clutch gearbox will be offered across the range including the high-end S version. The torque on both versions is equal to 270 Nm (up to 40 Nm more than the previous 1.4 l petrol engine). Both engines are only available on two-wheel drive.

The 4×4 plug-in hybrid models will be available with a 60 hp electric motor coupled to this 1.3 l engine and will offer a choice of 190 hp or 240 hp. The latter will arrive in European showrooms in the second half of this year. These two 4xe versions will be powered by 100% electric mode and four-wheel drive in hybrid mode.

New Uconnect Services for Advanced Embedded Connectivity

The Jeep Compass produced in Melfi has advanced connectivity to meet the needs of new users. Presented for the first time in the Jeep® range with the Renegade MY20, the new Uconnect Services have a range of functionalities, which are accessible via various points of contact, whether the mobile application My Uconnect, a connected watch, the website, the buttons on the ceiling lamp and the radio. Available as of marketing, the new Uconnect services are installed as standard equipment on 7 and 8.4-inch multimedia systems and on all versions, from Longitude to the high-end S, to offer advanced on-board connectivity and useful services for increased security and greater comfort.

These services are divided into three categories: basic (directly activated at the factory), standard (which must be activated by the customer upon receipt) and optional (which requires a subscription).

Each category includes a set of service packs:

My Assistant (basic element, activated at the factory) includes an SOS call function which allows an occupant, via the red SOS button on the ceiling light, to call for help in the event of an accident or emergency, by sending the location and identification of the vehicle. This function is also available via the Uconnect system screen or the mobile application. The call starts automatically in the event of an accident.

In the same way, it is also possible to contact customer service directly to ask for help or for any questions about the vehicle.

This My Assistant element also includes the sending by email or mobile notification of a report on the state of health and maintenance of the vehicle.

For standard Uconnect Services which include the elements My Remote, My Car and My Navigation, they must be activated by the customer upon receipt of the vehicle.

My Remote is a set of services that allow you to remotely control certain functions of the car such as locking / unlocking the doors, operating the headlights or flashing lights via the application installed on the smartphone or via a connected watch. My Remote also allows you to locate the vehicle, show the customer how to get to his car, control certain parameters (speed and predefined geographic limits) and be notified if they are not respected. Another connection element, My Remote is able to communicate with digital assistants Alexa and Google Home to act from home.

My Car – a service designed to monitor the state of health of the car and its parameters at any time such as Vehicle Health Alert which, when a fault is detected on the vehicle, sends a message alert on the mobile application. We can also cite the remote software update or the display of important messages on the vehicle’s touch screen.

My Navigation (available only on 8.4 inch Uconnect) includes apps for remote search of destinations and points of interest, as well as real-time alerts on traffic flows, weather and location of areas of danger. The pack also includes Send & Go, which allows drivers to send an address from their smartphone or the web portal to the vehicle’s navigation system.

(photo by Jeep®)

Among the Uconnect Services, certain packs are optional, that is to say which require a paid subscription. Among these, My Wi-Fi – the service that turns the Compass into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This allows the user to surf the Internet in or near the vehicle.

The 4×4 plug-in hybrid models that will soon be on the market will also include specific features to help electric and hybrid driving. In this way, customers will be able to monitor the battery charge level directly from the My Uconnect mobile application, plan the charging and air conditioning and display the nearest charging stations on the My Uconnect mobile application and Uconnect 8.4″ navigation.

The Uconnect service offer is supplemented by optional packs, which can be purchased on the website. These services include the My Wi-Fi, My Theft Assistance and My Fleet Manager packages. Some of the new Uconnect Services will be available on the Jeep Compass produced at Melfi during the launch, while others will be integrated later this year.

Author: Nabeel K

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