How to use BMW Display Key

In the past, you only needed a car key to lock or unlock your vehicle and to start the engine. But those days are long gone, because with the Display Key, BMW has launched a multifunctional tool that turns your key into a “smart” companion.

BMW Display Key with touch screen – (photo by BMW)

Who doesn’t know this problem? You are already sitting in the office, but you are unsure whether you have forgotten to lock the car and the car is further away? Instead of having to rush into the underground car park or the next street, a quick glance at your display key is enough to find out whether the vehicle is still open or the windows have not been closed.

Never before have you been certain of the safety of your vehicle so quickly. You save yourself nerve-racking minutes until you know whether your car is safe.

General Overview

The Display Key is a state-of-the-art remote control with an LCD touchscreen that has about a 980 foot functional range. There are physical buttons on the key fob to lock and unlock the doors, open the trunk and a function key.

Press the on/off button on the left side of the key to activate, and then slide up the touch display to unlock.

Main status screen

The status screen displays central locking information and indicates if the windows and sunroof are open or closed. Select the lock icon to view the status of the vehicle doors, trunk and alarm system. If the alarm system is armed, it will additionally show the interior and tilt sensor. Press the back button to go to the previous menu.

Main status screen on Display Key – (photo by BMW)

Accessing menus

Slide your finger across the touchscreen to access different menus: vehicle info, mobility and climate control. Functionality includes central locking preconditioning time fuel status and estimated range and service requirements.

Preconditioning remotely

Another very convenient feature now enables you to air-condition or warm up your vehicle before departure. This possibility is especially valuable in the hot summer and cold winter months, because who likes to sit in the car in the morning, sweating, or has to go outside 10 minutes earlier to scratch the windows free?

Thanks to the display key, you can program different departure times at which the vehicle should have a pleasant temperature before departure. For example, commuting to work is easy to plan and much more convenient.

Activating climate control

To activate climate control from Display Key, first press the on/off button on the left side of the key and slide up to unlock. Next, slide your finger across the touch screen to access Climate control settings. Tap the fan symbol, and then select Activate now and then Start.

Adjusting departure time for climate control

Departure times can be adjusted to ensure comfortable interior temperature in the vehicle at the time of departure.

To set a one time departure time using the display key, first press the on/off button on the left side of the key and slide up on touch screen to unlock. Next, slide your finger across the touch screen to access Climate control settings. Tap the fan symbol and press on the timer for One-off departure time. Once you’ve entered the time, touch OK. The timer is now set and is also stored in iDrive. A timer icon will appear in the climate control display.

To set a reoccurring departure time, select once timer and enter the departure time. Then add days of the week as desired.

Wireless charging

BMW Display Key can be charged wirelessly via wireless charging pocket in the center console or via the USB cable, which is included.

Just insert the Display Key in the center of the wireless charging pocket inside the center console with lock button facing upward and it will start charging automatically – a blue light will illuminate indicating that the charging has begun.

Service information

The modern key from BMW can’t only give you information about the parameters just mentioned, but also shows you the service status of your vehicle.

Similar to the BMW Connected app for your smartphone, information such as the level of engine oil and brake fluid can be displayed. It is also easy to see when the vehicle needs to be serviced next.

Service information on Display Key – (photo by BMW)

The vehicle’s fuel level can also be accessed. In this way, you can plan a long route better before you start your journey. So you know whether you have to refuel beforehand to get to your destination relaxed.

Remote parking

The BMW Display Key, in conjunction with the Parking Assistant Plus, enables you to bring your vehicle into the tightest of parking spaces.

So you can perhaps secure the narrowest parking space in the street, because you yourself no longer have to sit in the car to maneuver the car into the gap. In order to use this feature, however, it is essential that the BMW Parking Assistant Plus is installed in your vehicle.

Functions of the buttons on the BMW Display Key

To give you a precise overview of the functions of the buttons on the Display Key, we have put together a small graphic for you to understand.

  1. ON / OFF – this button activates the display key screen
  2. Trunk – pressing this button only opens the trunk of your vehicle
  3. Open – all the doors of your vehicle open by pressing the area outside or above the BMW logo
  4. Close – press the BMW logo directly, close all doors and the car is safely parked
  5. Function key – this key is freely assignable. For example, you can only have the driver’s door unlocked using a small program
  6. Back – to go back to the main menu while navigating a submenu, press this button.
Author: Nabeel K