Keys locked in the car, how to get it out?

The key is locked in the car and is therefore out of reach for now – an absolute nightmare scenario for many. If you do not have the spare key ready, it is difficult to get inside the car. Before you pick up the brick and let the brute force speak, we have some tips for you on how to get your key out without breaking windows.

Keys inside: With newer cars, often only the professional helps

If your vehicle has not been around for so many years, it will be difficult to open it yourself with tools without doing any damage. Often only a trip to the professional helps.

  • Professional locksmiths, car clubs or workshops can open cars without damaging anything.
  • However, this can be expensive, especially if you are not a club member.
  • Locksmiths could be a cheaper alternative here. Some advertise opening doors from just $12. Here it is advisable to search the internet for nearby and inexpensive offers.

The wire method

Everyone knows the scenes from film and television, in which dubious looking figures insert a wire hook between the pane and the seal. This trick should – if at all – be used more with older cars – with newer models not only the seal or the window could be damaged, but also the electronics in the form of wiring in the door.

  1. Get a wire hanger, such as a clothes hanger or a cleaning hanger.
  2. Bend the bracket. Only the hook should be bent.
  3. Slide the hook down between the seal and washer. Use extreme caution to avoid damaging anything and causing scratches.
  4. Continue to move the bracket along the pane until you find the mechanism for opening it. This requires a great deal of sensitivity, as it can sometimes be a tricky business until you finally find it.
  5. When you have found it, pull the bracket up briefly to trigger the mechanism. So you can open the door manually
Author: Nabeel K

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