Car stinks: How to get rid of smells in the car

If it smells in your car, you probably want to get rid of the bad smells as soon as possible. Among other things, you can get rid of the smell with various home remedies. We’ll introduce you to some odor killers in this article.

This is how you can quickly rid your car of bad smells

There are several tricks on how to get rid of bad smells in your car. However, many of these measures only cause the smell to be masked only for a short time. Home remedies that bind odors for a short time include flour as well as rice, vinegar and instant coffee.

In the evening you put a bowl with the agent of your choice in the car and close the windows. The next morning the bad smell has largely disappeared.

Alternatively, place a few halves of apple in your car.

If liquid has been spilled in your car or someone has vomited, first remove the remains as much as possible.

Then generously sprinkle flour or salt over the liquid stain and let it work for several hours before vacuuming it off. Cat litter is even more effective because it is very absorbent and also neutralizes odors.

Another means of covering up bad smells in the car is the scent bottle, which you can get in a wide variety of smells.

Long-term elimination of stench in the car

Otherwise, only a thorough major cleaning helps to finally rid your car of bad smells. In addition to the usual cleaning agents, the steam cleaner is a great help.

However, you won’t get rid of the cold cigarette smoke by thoroughly cleaning the interior of the car. In this case, usually only an ozone gun helps, in which all bacteria and germs are killed. With a price of around 80 euros, however, ozone treatment is not entirely inexpensive.

With ozone treatment, the car is first hermetically sealed before ozone is introduced. The gas remains in the vehicle for the next 24 hours. The ozone treatment is particularly effective if you have thoroughly cleaned the vehicle beforehand.

Tip: Sometimes it is not so easy to track down the source of the smell. Then you should also examine other places such as the air conditioning system or the pollen filter.

Author: Nabeel K

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