Frozen car door – how to get it free again?

In winter, ice and snow cause many problems, for example when the car door is frozen over. In the following, we will show you in this practical tip what you can do about it and how you can prevent this problem.

How to unfreeze car door

Follow our tips below to quickly reuse the frozen car door.

Note: Avoid pulling roughly on the car door! This could destroy the seal or cause further damage.

Instead, push gently against the door. This ensures that the ice breaks and you can open the door so carefully.

If you get stuck here, a standard deicer can help.

Spray it along the seal and let it soak in for a few minutes. After that, you can carefully try to open the door.

If this trick doesn’t help either, try pouring warm water over the door seals. Note: The water must no longer boil. Pour it slowly and gently along the gasket, avoiding the washer as it could burst in the worst case.

Alternatively, you can try to enter the car through another door. All doors should have defrosted by themselves during the journey.

If your door lock is frozen, the classic door lock deicer will help you here.

Prevent the car door from freezing

You can prevent the problem with milking grease or silicone oil so that you don’t worry about frozen doors all winter.

Simply rub this over the seal on the door. This prevents water from forming there and freezing it.

Tip: When you wash your car, tape the door locks in advance. This will prevent water from collecting there and possibly freezing.

Author: Nabeel K


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