How to program garage door opener on VW Atlas

The integrated HomeLink Universal transmitter on Volkswagen Atlas can activate systems such as garage doors, security systems or house lights from inside the vehicle.

2021 Volkswagen Atlas – (photo by VW)

The buttons located in the roof console can be programmed to perform the functions of three remote controls.

  1. First of all, the vehicle must be within range of the receiver and the ignition must be in accessory mode, with the engine off, and the parking brake engaged.
  2. Hold the transmitter near the roof console buttons in the vehicle, then press and hold the HomeLink button 1, 2 or 3 for approximately two seconds until the orange indicator light next to the button flashes.
  3. Now point the remote control at the steering wheel and press the operation button on the remote.
  4. The green indicator light on the HomeLink button will flash when the button has been successfully programmed.
HomeLink buttons on Volkswagen Atlas – (photo by VW)

Receivers with rolling codes

Receivers with rolling codes will need to be synchronized with the transmitter. Most modern receivers use rolling codes.

  1. Make sure the vehicle is near the receiver, with the ignition on press the HomeLink button to be synchronized.
  2. Next, on the receiver unit, press the learn or set button – a light should illuminate, this varies by manufacturer.
  3. Then within 30 seconds, complete the synchronization procedure by pressing the transmitter button twice for 2 seconds each – in some cases it may be necessary to press the button a third time.

You can program additional transmitters in the same manner using the other available HomeLink buttons.

Delete programmed remotes

To delete all programmed remotes, press HomeLink buttons 1 and 3 together for approximately 10 seconds until the green indicator light next to the button 2 starts flashing. Releasing both buttons will remove all programmed remotes.

Author: Nabeel K

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