How to adjust headrest height in Kia Sportage

This article guides you through the process of adjusting the headrest height in a Kia Sportage.

Properly positioning your headrest is crucial for comfort and safety while driving, ensuring that your head and neck are adequately supported in the event of an accident. Fortunately, adjusting the headrest in a Kia Sportage is a simple process. Let’s get started!

Raising the Headrest

To raise the headrest: While holding the headrest firmly, pull it upward to the desired position. You should feel it easily slide up along the metal rods attached to the seat.

Lowering the Headrest

If you need to lower the headrest or want to adjust it to a lower position, follow these steps:

Examine the headrest closely and notice that it has two prongs or rods that slide into the seat.

One of these prongs features a release button. This button is what you’ll use to lower the headrest.

To lower the headrest, locate the prong with the release button. It is often situated on one side of the headrest.

With one hand, press and hold the release button while simultaneously using your other hand to gently push the headrest downward. You’ll notice that it easily slides down the metal rods.

Positioning for Comfort and Safety

Once you have adjusted the headrest to your desired height, make sure it is securely in place. The headrest should be aligned with the middle of your head and should not be tilted forward or backward. This ensures that it provides optimal support and safety in case of a collision.


Properly adjusting the headrest in your Kia Sportage is essential for your driving comfort and safety. You can easily raise or lower the headrest to the desired height to ensure that it offers the best support for your head and neck. Remember that a correctly positioned headrest is crucial for minimizing the risk of injury in the event of an accident, so take a moment to make this simple adjustment the next time you’re in your Kia Sportage. Safe driving!

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Author: Nabeel K