How to adjust liftgate opening height on VW Tiguan

The power liftgate on Volkswagen Tiguan allows you to open and close the liftgate in a variety of ways. This guide shows you how to use power liftgate and how to adjust its height.

2021 Volkswagen Tiguan, 2nd gen facelift – (photo by VW)

Four ways to open liftgate

To open the liftgate lid, you can pull up on the designated switch on the driver’s door, or you can press and hold the liftgate button on the key fob for about one second until the liftgate starts to open. You can also open the liftgate by pressing the micro switch located above the license plate on the liftgate.

If equipped, you can also open the liftgate by foot movement under the rear bumper.

Adjusting height

If the space above or behind your vehicle is limited, you can change the opening height of the liftgate.

First open the liftgate from outside the vehicle, then stop the liftgate at your desired opening by pressing the button on the edge of the liftgate.

Button location for stopping liftgate midway – (photo by VW)

Then press and hold the same button until the emergency flashers blink and a chime sounds.

Closing the liftgate

To close the liftgate, press the same button on the edge. The liftgate closes and the soft closed mechanism locks it in place.

If you have a Tiguan without a third row seat, you can pull and hold the switch on the driver’s door to close the liftgate. If you have a Tiguan with a third row seat, the switch in the driver’s door does not close the liftgate.

If your vehicle is equipped with the easy close feature, you need to press the automatic close button on the edge of the liftgate.

Automatic close button on the edge of the liftgate on VW Tiguan – (photo by VW)

Once activated, the liftgate closes as soon as your remote key is outside of the keyless access sensors range, usually about three feet.

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