How to use Apple CarPlay on VW Amarok

In the Pick-Up VW Amarok you will find Carplay, as is usual with the Volkswagen Group, under the menu item App Connect. Together with Android Auto and even with the discontinued Mirrorlink model.

Thanks to the touchscreen, you can basically use CarPlay well, but the small 6.3-inch touchscreen proves to be a disadvantage. On a 10-inch touchscreen like in the 7 Series BMW or a 12-inch display like in the Porsche Panamera the driver can simply hit the buttons more easily, he sees more details – which is particularly important for navigation with Apple maps – and can also display additional information such as the VW navigation map next to the Carplay home screen. The VW Amarok cannot keep up with this clarity.

Apart from the touchscreen, which is too small, you can use CarPlay in the VW Amarok with voice command. Carplay can also be operated very well with the physical buttons of the VW infotainment system: For example, you can control the volume with the steering wheel buttons for louder / quieter and the additional control below the screen. You start Siri as usual with a longer press on the voice control button on the steering wheel, while a short press starts the VW voice control.

Conclusion: The driver can operate Carplay in the VW pick-up very well. Only the small touchscreen spoils the good overall impression.

Author: Nabeel K

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