How to adjust front seats on Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang’s front seats can be adjusted in many ways to give you a more comfortable ride.

Power adjustable seats on Ford Mustang sixth generation

The front seats in Mustang can be adjusted manually or if equipped using the six-way power seat switch.

Adjusting manual seats

To adjust the manual seat, lift the bar located in front of the seat and slide your seat forward. Or backward to your desired position and release the bar. Be sure to rock the seat a little to make sure it’s locked into place.

To raise or lower the seat, pull up on the lever located on the side of the seat closest to the door to raise it and press down to lower it. You can also change the angle of the seatback by pulling up on the adjustment lever on the side of the seatback. Leaning backward or forward to the desired position and then releasing the lever.

For more convenience, a memory-fold seatback features allows for easier access to, or exit from the rear seat. Just lift the lever located in the center of the seatback, and it will automatically spring forward. To return the seat back to its original position, just push it back and it will return to the previous position set by the driver or front-seat passenger.

Adjusting power seats

If you have the available power seats, using the switch located on the side of the seat you can move the seats forward or backward by sliding it forward or backward. To raise the seat bottom, move the switch up or down. And to tilt, just lift the front of the switch to tilt backward and press down to tilt forward. To set the firmest of the lumbar support using the lumbar button, press the front of it to increase the firmness and the back to decrease it.

Author: Nabeel K

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