How to adjust 2nd and 3rd row seats on Ford Explorer

The second and third row seats in your vehicle can be adjusted in several ways to give you a more comfortable ride and to maximize your cargo capacity.

If your vehicle is equipped with a third row power fold, you can use the power seat buttons located behind the third row to fold the left, right, or both seats to either a stow, fold, tailgate, or normal position.

If you have a second row power fold and tumble control, just press the button once, and the seat will automatically fold and then tumble forward to access the third row.

Your second row seats can move forward and back by lifting the bar under the front of the seat, and then sliding the entire seat in either direction.

To adjust the recline of the second row seat backs, pull up on the handle on the side of the seat closest to the door. And push the seat back, back, for a greater recline, or forward for a more upright position.

To fold the second row seats flat, pull up on the same handle you used to recline the seat, and push the seat back all the way forward until it’s flat. If you want to tumble or fold your entire seat forward for easier access to the third row, pull the handle up all the way until the seat releases from the floor. Then flip the whole seat forward by grabbing the bottom and pushing it up. To return the seat from the tumble position, just flip it back until you hear it lock into the floor. Then lift the seat back to the upright position again. You’ll hear a click when it’s latched.

To get access to third row seats on sixth generation Ford Explorer (2020+), push the button on the back rest of the second row seat, then push it forward. The back will fold and then the whole seat will move forward.

To fold your third row manual seats flat, or tumble them to stow them in the floor, fold your head restraints down by pulling the strap in the middle of the seat back, just below the head restraint. Next, fold the seat back down by pulling and holding the number 1 strap, while you’re pushing the seat back forward. Once it starts to fold, let go of the strap.

3rd row power seats on Ford Explorer, 6th gen (2020+)

To tumble the seats all the way into the floor, pull the number 2 strap and the strap on the top of the seat back at the same time. To lift the seat out of the stowed position, squeeze and pull up on the handle as you lift. The seat will lift out of the floor in a folded position. So just push it back to lock it into the floor latches. Then, move your seat back into the upright position by pulling strap number 1 and the long strap on the seat back.

Author: Nabeel K

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