How to adjust seats on Nissan Rogue Sport

The power seat switches on Nissan Rogue Sport are located on the side of the front seats which can be used to adjust the seat position.

Second row seats on 2021 Nissan Rogue Sport – (photo by Nissan North America)

Forward or backward

To move the seat forward or backward, push the first horizontal button forward or backward. Push down or pull up the same button to move the seat up or down.

Recline seat

Push the second vertical button back to recline the seat, and push it forward to bring the seat upright.

Lumbar support

If so equipped, the power lumbar support feature provides lower back support to the driver. Push its button, which should be the third one, forward or backward to adjust the seat lumbar support.

Fold second row seats

To fold second row seats flat, lift the lever on the top of the seat and then pull the seatback forward.

To return the second row seats to an upright position, push up on the seatback until it latches in place.

If you have removed or adjust the headrests or head-restraints, re-install and re-adjust them before an occupant uses these seating positions.


Author: Nabeel K

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