BMW i4 EV will get a sporty sound, composed by Hans Zimmer

The BMW Group announced that it had co-developed the driving sound of the Concept i4 with renowned composer Hans Zimmer.

Hans Zimmer is a German-born composer. He is well known for producing music for movies, and has won the Academy Award for Composition and the Golden Globe for the 1994 Lion King movie.

The BMW Group has partnered with Hans Zimmer to jointly develop the driving sound of future electric powertrain vehicles. As a result of this partnership, the driving sound of the Concept i4 has been jointly developed with Hans Zimmer.

“Sound has always played an important role in the emotionalisation of our vehicles. Now we are taking the joy of sheer driving pleasure to a new level and are particularly pleased to be working with Hans Zimmer to create the new sound world of electric mobility at BMW”, said the Senior VP of Customer and Brand, Jens Thiemer. “This collaboration will result in our forward-looking sound offering for electrified vehicles: BMW IconicSounds Electric.”

The silent cabin of an electric powertrain vehicle is often an advantage of electric mobility. However, as the choice of electric models increase, some drivers may seek the sporty sound.

Author: Nabeel K

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