Kia Sportage auto sunroof not working, how to reset

Many Kia Sportage owners have encountered the frustrating issue of their auto sunroof not functioning as expected, often requiring them to hold the button continuously for the sunroof to open or close.

However, there’s no need to worry, as in this guide, we will show you a simple method to reset your sunroof system and regain the convenience of one-touch functionality. This procedure is usually necessary when your vehicle’s battery has been disconnected or discharged.

Step-by-Step Sunroof Reset Guide:

Start Your Engine:

To ensure you have the necessary power to reset the sunroof system, the first step is to start your Kia Sportage’s engine. This will provide the electrical energy required for the reset process.

Ensure Sunshade and Sunroof Are Closed:

Make sure that both the sunshade and sunroof are completely closed. If they were open before, it’s essential to return them to their fully closed positions. This ensures a smooth reset process.

Push the Sunroof Control Lever:

Next, locate the sunroof control lever in your vehicle. You’ll want to push this lever forward in the direction of closing the sunroof. Hold it in this position until you observe the sunshade slightly moving. It may take a moment, but be patient.

Release the Lever:

After you’ve seen the sunshade move slightly, release the lever. This is a crucial step in the reset process.

Push the Lever Forward Again:

Now, push the sunroof control lever forward in the direction of closing the sunroof once more. Continue to hold it in this position until you see the sunroof go through the following sequence:

  1. Sunshade Opens.
  2. Glass Tilts Open.
  3. Glass Slides Open.
  4. Glass Slides Close.
  5. Sunshade Closes.

Release the Lever:

Once you’ve observed the sunroof moving through this entire sequence, you can release the lever. The reset process is now complete.


Having a sunroof that operates with one-touch convenience can greatly enhance your driving experience. If you’ve encountered issues with your Kia Sportage’s sunroof not working as expected, especially after a battery disconnect or discharge, following this simple reset procedure can help restore the functionality you desire.

By ensuring your engine is running and your sunroof and sunshade are fully closed, you can easily reset the sunroof system and enjoy effortless operation once again.

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Author: Nabeel K

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