How to open sunshade of panoramic sunroof in Kia Sportage

Are you ready to let some extra sunlight into your Kia Sportage or enjoy the fresh air while on the road? Opening the sunshade in your Kia Sportage is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your driving experience.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to open the sunshade safely and effectively. Before you begin, make sure your vehicle’s ignition is turned on, or the engine is running, as this is essential to power the sunroof controls.

Step 1: Locate the Sunroof Controls

The first step to opening the sunshade in your Kia Sportage is to locate the sunroof controls. You’ll find them just above the rearview mirror on the vehicle’s interior.

Step 2: Opening the Sunshade

To open the sunshade, follow these simple steps:

Push the Sunroof Control Lever Backward: On the sunroof control panel, you’ll notice a lever. To open the sunshade, push this lever backward to the first detent position. This action will start the sunshade’s movement, allowing you to control how much sunlight you want to let in.

Step 3: Closing the Sunshade

If you wish to close the sunshade when the sunroof glass is closed, you can do so with ease:

Push the Sunroof Control Lever Forward: To close the sunshade, simply push the sunroof control lever forward to the first detent position. This will smoothly close the sunshade, blocking out the sunlight or providing shade as needed.

Step 4: Stopping the Sunshade at Any Point

Sometimes, you may want to stop the sunshade at a specific position, whether it’s partially open or closed. Here’s how to do it:

Use the Sunshade Control Switch: To stop the sliding of the sunshade at any point, press the sunshade control switch momentarily. This allows you to have precise control over the sunshade’s position, giving you the flexibility to adjust it according to your preferences.

Important Note: It’s essential to remember not to pull or push the sunshade by hand. Attempting to manipulate the sunshade manually can result in damage or malfunction. Always use the designated controls provided in your Kia Sportage for safe and proper operation.


Opening and closing the sunshade in your Kia Sportage is a simple process, and it can make your drive more enjoyable by letting in sunlight or providing shade as needed. By following the steps outlined in this article and using the sunroof controls provided, you can take full advantage of the sunroof feature in your Kia Sportage. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as you hit the road!

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Author: Nabeel K

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