How to use steering wheel audio controls on Toyota Camry

On most Camry’s, the steering wheel includes audio controls on the left side.

Toyota Camry XV40 (2006–2013) – (photo by Toyota)

Some of the buttons are easy to figure out. The plus and minus buttons with speaker symbols control the volume. The MODE button can turn the audio system on and cycle through the available sources. If you press and hold the MODE button until you hear a beep, it mutes the speakers. Press and hold a second time, or press a volume button, and the sound will return.

The arrow keys let you navigate through radio stations or audio tracks without taking your hands off the wheel. When you’re listening to the radio, press and hold the up or down arrow until it beeps to seek the next station. And you can use the left or right arrows to step through the three sets of AM and FM presets.

If you’re listening to a CD, flash drive, Bluetooth audio player or iPod, the up and down arrows take you to the next track or audio file. If your source is organized by folders, the left and right arrows take you to the next or previous folder. Press and hold the up or down arrows for fast forward or reverse. If you select something you didn’t want to hear, no problem. Just press the go back button.

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