How to use massage seats on BMW X5

Depending on the program, the massage function in your BMW X5 ensures relaxed muscles and better blood circulation, which can help you avoid fatigue.

BMW X3, fourth generation G05 – (photo by BMW)

Eight different programs are available for both the driver and front-passenger. Note that this feature is only available when you buy Luxury Seating Package with your BMW.

To start the massage, press the button with massage seat icon located on the driver and front passenger door.

Massage seat button on driver’s door of BMW X5, 4th gen G05

Press the button again to change the intensity level.

Adjust massage settings

You can adjust the massage program via the iDrive. Touch CAR on infotainment system display. Select General Settings, then scroll down to Vehicle Settings and select Seat Comfort. Then select the desired seat, Driver or Passenger. Next select Seat Massage and choose the desired setting: “Hip activation”, “Upper body activation”, “Whole body activation” or “Back massage”.

Check “Display when button is pressed” box if you’d like these settings to display on the iDrive screen when the seat massage button is pressed.

Author: Nabeel K

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