How to fold rear seats on BMW X3 to expand cargo area

The third generation of BMW X3 has almost 63 cubic feet of storage capacity, thanks to the split fold-down rear seats. This guide shows you how to fold-down the back seats from release levels in the cargo area.

Back seats folded down on BMW X3, third generation (G01; 2018+) – (photo by BMW)

If extra space is needed while loading the X3 from the tailgate, the rear seat backrests can be folded forward easily by using the remote release levers located on the right and left side of the cargo area. Before folding down the seats, make sure there is nothing placed in the back seating area.

To fold the back seats, just pull the right lever locate at the top right of the cargo area to release the right backrest.

Release lever location for right back seat on BMW X3

The lever to release the left and center backrest is located on the opposite side.

The seat backrests can be returned to their upright position by pulling up and pushing back until you hear them lock into place.

Folding center seat only

The center backrest can be lowered independently from the inside by pressing release switch located on top of the back rest, and then pulling the backrest down.

Lever for folding just the center back seat

Folded center seat works great for items like snow skis or lumber.

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