How to fold 3rd row seats on BMW X5

The third row seats in the new x5 offers seating for two people. When the extra seating is not needed, the seats easily fold down and remain out of the way to increase rear cargo space.

Third row seats on BMW X5, third generation (F15, F85; 2013–2018) – (photo by BMW)

Setting up third row seats

To set up the third row passenger seats, first remove the cargo cover. Press the button in the top right corner of the cover to unlock it. Then pull the cover back to remove.

Next, pull the lever at the top of the second row seat and fold the seat forward. The third row seats can then be unlocked by pulling the lever on its back and then fold it up and latch into place. Next, slide the headrest in to the highest position.

Passengers can now enter the third row when the second row seats are tilted. When folding back the second row seats, make sure the footwell under the second row seats is clear.

Folding down 3rd row seats

To return the third row seats back to the cargo setup, begin by moving the headrest down. Next pull the lever on the back of the seats to unlock the backrest and fold the backrest down.

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