How to use Adaptive Cruise Control on Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser’s dynamic radar cruise control can help reduce fatigue while driving on freeways or express ways.

Toyota Land Cruiser J200 – (photo by Toyota)

The journey is now even more comfortable for the driver with the distance controller. In principle, the car is guided by the system at the desired speed when the road is clear, so that the driver does not have to constantly regulate the gas. The distance controller now adds that it detects when another vehicle is driving ahead, reduces the speed if necessary and automatically maintains the specified safe distance.

  1. To active press the on/off button at the end of the cruise control stock on the steering wheel. The cruise indicator will appear in the instrument display.
  2. Then accelerate or decelerate to your intended speed and press the stock down to set it.
  3. Once set if you want to go faster move the stock upward and hold it until you reach the desired speed, then release it.
  4. If you want to slow down, push the stock down and hold it until you reach the desired speed, and then release it.
  5. To cancel cruise control pull the stock towards you, tap the brakes, or turn the system off with the on/off button.
  6. Dynamic radar cruise control is designed to slow the vehicle automatically when the system detects slower traffic in the same lane ahead and helps maintain a preset distance. You can change that distance using a button on the steering wheel. Press the button repeatedly to cycle through the three distances available.
  7. You can also disable the distance holding feature by pushing the cruise control stock away from you and holding it until the indicator disappears and a conventional cruise control indicator lights up.
  8. The vehicle to vehicle distance control feature cancels automatically when the actual vehicle speed falls below 25 miles per hour, the vehicle stability control steps in to help control lateral loss of traction, the radar sensor behind the grill is covered or blocked, the brake is applied, the windshield wipers begin to run at high speed, or when the transmission is switched to second gear start for slippery conditions.
Author: Nabeel K

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