How to use Adaptive Cruise Control on Ford F-150

Adaptive cruise control, sometimes referred to as ACC, is an advanced version of cruise control. It does not only make it possible to maintain a cruising speed: it is also capable of calculating and maintaining a safety distance with the vehicle in front on the same lane. This tutorial will show you how to enable this feature in your Ford-150 pick-up truck.

Ford F-150, 13th generation 2015 to 2020 – (photo by Ford)

The operation of an adaptive cruise control is based on a radar or laser located at the front of the vehicle: it measures the distance between it and the preceding vehicle and adjusts the speed if necessary to find a safe distance. This is pre-set by the driver, as is the cruising speed, which is resumed after adjustment.

1. To activate Adaptive Cruise Control, press the “ON OFF” button on the lower left corner of your steering wheel.

ON OFF button on Ford F-150

2. Accelerate your vehicle to the desired speed and then press “SET” button on your steering wheel. The ACC is now activated.

SET button on Ford F-150

Adjusting Gap

You can adjust the gap by pressing the gap buttons located at the lower left corner of your vehicle’s steering wheel. Pressing the upper button decreases the follow-up distance and pressing the lower button increases and expands the distance between you and the car in front of you.

Gap buttons on Ford-150

Stop and Go

The stop and go feature is useful when you’re driving your vehicle in heavy traffic on a highway. If the vehicle in front of you comes to a stop, your vehicle will also slow down and stop.

3 seconds rule

After coming to a stop, if the leading vehicle moves again within 3 seconds, your vehicle will also begin to move, otherwise you will have to either press the “RES” button on your steering wheel or tap the accelerator pedal to continue moving again.

Resume button on Ford F-150

Switch between Cruise Control & ACC

You can switch between Adaptive Cruise Control and normal Cruise Control by going into instrument cluster settings.

  1. Using arrow keys on your steering wheel, go to “Settings”.
  2. Then go to “Cruise Control”.
  3. Now make your selection between “Adaptive” or “Normal” Cruise Control.

Keep in mind, you can always cancel the Adaptive Cruise Control by braking or by pressing the CNCL button on the steering wheel. Pressing the “RES” button again will resume the previously set cruise and gap settings.


Dan Schneidau in a short video shows how the F-150 Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop And Go works in slow Labor Day traffic on I-75.

Demonstration 2

Rob of Ford Uniontown demonstrates the capability of Adaptive Cruise Control in light traffic conditions.

Official Demo

This video demonstrates the working of Adaptive Cruise Control on Ford vehicles.

ACC Technology Explained

Mitchell Watts of Town and Country TV explains in a short five minute video about the technology and sensors used on Ford F-150 and how it all functions.

Adaptive Cruise Control is currently available on these Ford vehicles: F-150, SuperDuty, Explorer, Mustang, Fusion, Expedition, Edge and Taurus.

Author: Nabeel K

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