How to properly take care of car paint

In order for your paint to look good on the car for a long time, you need to take good care of it. You can read how it works and what you absolutely have to pay attention to in this article.

Car paint is easy to maintain and maintain with the right tips. However, if you go to work with the wrong utensils, this quickly leads to unsightly spots. To prevent this from happening to you, you should follow these care tips.

Bird droppings

Bird droppings are the most well known and greatest danger. There are many acids in it. They attack the paint and leave light spots. When there is a lot of sunshine, the manure is literally burned into the paint. Therefore, you must remove the remains immediately. The following applies: Soak the area and then wash off with detergent.

Tree resin

Dripping resin from trees sticks to the paint and dries there. Resin is not as aggressive as bird droppings, but should be removed relatively quickly. You can save yourself the work by not parking directly under trees if you can avoid it.


In addition to regular washing, an auto polish is also recommended. The polish maintains the varnish and then lets it shine in a strong color. In addition, it forms a protective layer over the car paint.


When there is snow on the car in winter, many quickly grab the hand brush and use it to remove the snow. The hard bristles of the hand brush, however, cause many small scratches on the car paint. Better than a normal hand brush is a special whisk . Salt residues should be washed off regularly with clear water.


Sun exposure has a great influence on the gloss of the paint. Avoid leaving your vehicle in the sun for a long time for no reason. It is better if you look for shady spots, otherwise the paint will fade over time.

Tip: Remove any adhering dirt residues as soon as possible. This will prevent major damage to the paint. If you wash the car regularly and polish it at least twice a year, you will enjoy a glossy finish for a long time.

Author: Nabeel K


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