Bird droppings and the like: These stains should be removed from the paint quickly

The car is stained again? The car wash will fix it, many think. However, you should remove certain stains immediately – carefully.

To avoid damage to the paintwork, car owners should remove these types of stains from the car as quickly as possible:
– Bird droppings
– Tree sap
– Insect remains

However, caution is advised: you should always let the dirt soften beforehand, advises the ADAC.

Soft sponges to avoid scratches

Since there can also be solid particles such as sand in the dirt, please do not rub vigorously. Tools such as sponges should be as soft as possible so that they can be cleaned gently. The covers of headlights and taillights are also often scratch-sensitive.

A little washing-up liquid and water are sufficient at first. If that doesn’t help, drivers can use special tools from the car accessories. Anyone who maintains the varnish with hard wax after washing makes it more resistant to environmental influences and dirt.

Author: Nabeel K

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