How to prepare your car for a vacation or road trip

Not only the driver, but also the car should start into the holiday in good shape. Above all, you should check tires, oil, coolant/anti-freeze, batteries, lights and brakes. The best tips so that you are prepared for your next trip.


Before you go on vacation, you should definitely check the tire pressure and adapt it to the load. Check the profile of the tires and examine them for damage.

Engine oil

A check of the oil level is also necessary before the vacation trip. Because: If the oil level is too low, engine damage can result.

Cooling system

Cars also require cooling in hot weather. Cooling water can be refilled at every petrol station. But be careful: If the engine is hot, the cooling system is under pressure, so it is better not to open the container. Be sure to follow the instructions in the vehicle operating instructions for refilling.


A short test goes without saying – check carefully that all headlights, indicators and taillights are working.


It is not only sensitive to the cold and is subject to an aging process that deprives it of strength. Heat can also be a problem for the battery, as the high number of ADAC breakdown services shows in summer. Therefore, have the battery checked regularly in a workshop.


Anyone driving a modern diesel vehicle should remember to take enough AdBlue with them.

Also important: Especially before long journeys, you should check the air conditioning, brakes and wiper blades and fill the windscreen washer reservoir.

Author: Nabeel K

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