How to change the air filter in your car

Changing the air filter is extremely important: In cars, you should change the air filter very regularly so that the engine of your car gets enough clean air. The time interval depends on both your car and your surroundings. If you live in the city, you should change the filter more often – we’ll show you how it’s done.

The different air filter types for the car

Change the air filter of your car regularly, maintain or increase the performance of your engine. Since the air filter is a vehicle-specific spare part, you should check what type of air filter you need before you buy. You can also find out in which interval you best change the air filter in your car in your manual. Apart from that, you can choose between different air filter types.

  • The cheapest are the dry filters, which are based on paper. You can therefore hardly clean them.
  • Oil-soaked air filters are made of cotton. You can clean the so-called permanent air filters and, accordingly, use them longer. However, you have to dig deeper into your pocket when buying.
  • The open air filters, which are not in a plastic housing, are somewhat less common. They are attached directly to the suction opening. Due to the significantly louder noise level, this type of air filter is often referred to as a sports air filter. These filters are also in a higher price segment. But you can also clean them and make them last much longer.

How its done

  1. After you have opened the hood of your car, you will immediately see the relatively large, mostly angular air filter box in which the air filter is inserted.
  2. As a rule, you can open the air filter box relatively easily. Depending on the car, the plastic housing is closed with quick-release fasteners, screws or nuts.
  3. Before removing the cover, disconnect the suction hose from the air filter housing. Simply press the ends of the clamp together.
  4. Then remove the old filter, possibly clean the housing and insert the new air filter.
  5. Finally, attach the suction hose and the cover of the air filter box again.
Author: Nabeel K

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