How to fold rear power seats on Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition can be equipped with the convenience of power folding rear seats.

Ford Expedition fourth generation – (photo by Ford)

PowerFold rear seats make it quick and simple to fold the second and third row seats flat for additional cargo carrying space when needed.

Folding 2nd row seats

To fold the left, middle, or right side of the standard second row 40-20-40 split bench seats, from the rear cargo area, press and release the desired seat control switch, located on the lower left-side panel, to lower it.

Rear power seats control switch location on Ford Expedition 4th generation

If equipped with available captain’s chairs, follow the same step to fold either side, or press the middle button to fold both sides down at the same time.

To return them to the upright position, you’ll need to manually lift the seat back and headrest back into place. You’ll know they’re locked into position when you hear a click.

Folding 3rd row seats

To lower either the left or right side of the 60-40 split bench third row seats, press down 3L or 3R button and let go on the desired seat.

To lower both seats at the same time, press and release the middle switch button, and both third row seats will lower simultaneously.

To return either or both seats to the upright position, simply press and release its button on the control switch until they return to the full upright position.

Resetting 3rd row powered seats

If a third row seat does not fold or unfold properly, you may need to reset them. To do so, using the same PowerFold control switch in the rear cargo area, press and hold the button until the seat folds and unfolds through one full movement. Do this a few times to be sure the reset is complete.


Author: Nabeel K

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