How to fold rear seats on Toyota Highlander for extra cargo space

Both the second and available third row seats can be adjusted for additional cargo space on Toyota Highlander.

Toyota Highlander, 2nd gen, XU40 – (photo by Toyota)

Note: The method mentioned in this guide is specific to the second generation of Highlander produced between 2007 and 2013, so it might differ in other models.

Removing Center Stow Seat

  1. To remove the center stow seat, remove the side table from the console.
  2. Lower the center seat head restraint all the way.
  3. Pull the release strap on the adjoining seat and fold the center seat back down.
  4. Pull the release lever behind the center seat and lift.
  5. Then stow the second center seat in the console, making sure it is locked in position.

Fold Second Row Seats

  1. To fold the second row seats, using the seat position bar in front of the seat cushion, slide the folded seats all the way back.
  2. Pass the outboard seat belts through the hangers.
  3. And from inside, pull the release lever to unlock the seat back and then fold it down.
  4. Or from outside, pull the lever just inside the rear door opening, if so equipped.

Fold Third Row Seats

  1. To fold the third row seats, stow the third row seat belt buckles.
  2. Put the seat belts in the hangers.
  3. Pull the release at the top of the seat back to fold down the head restraints.
  4. Then pull the lever in the center of the seat back and fold it down.
Author: Nabeel K

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