How to dispose used motor oil – where to put the waste oil?

How you have to dispose of your used oil is now precisely defined by law. Above all, it also specifies how you should not dispose of your oil under any circumstances. This list is much longer, because you don’t have too many options for the disposal of your waste oil.

The disposal of your waste oil

You must not dispose of your old oil in any way in the garbage or in the environment. If you are caught doing this, you face a heavy fine. However, you don’t have too many options to dispose of your used oil legally and free of charge.

If a store sells oil, it is legally required to take back exactly the same amount of used oil that you previously bought there. To do this, however, you must keep the receipt and possibly a voucher. Otherwise the store could refuse to take it back. If the shop cannot accept the used oil itself, it must show you an alternative nearby.

You can also try your luck at a pollutant collection point. However, no waste oil is generally accepted there. You can find out exactly how this is handled in your community on the Internet. Sometimes you can drop it off at the waste incineration plant.

You can have slightly better cards at a gas station or workshop. There you will often find special equipment where you can empty the oil canister and dispense it completely.

If you have large quantities of waste oil, you can also have your oil picked up by appropriate disposal companies. However, this is usually not quite cheap.

Unless you have a really large amount of waste oil that you would like to get rid of. In this case, you will also find disposal companies on the Internet that not only collect the used oil, but even pay you money for it. However, this depends on the amount and type of waste oil and the region in which you live.

Author: Nabeel K

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