How to dispose off your old bike?

If you have cleared out your basement or garage, it is not uncommon to see an old bicycle that needs to be disposed of. There are various options available for this step – provided your bike is still recognizable as a bike.

If it is still worthwhile, you should place a free classified ad and try to sell or give away the bike.

Alternatively, you can also contact bicycle workshops in schools or workshops for the disabled, who may still be able to use your bike sensibly.

Charitable institutions in your area are often also interested and even pick up the bike in some districts.

Another possibility is scrap dealers, to whom you can either bring the bike yourself or have it picked up. If you deliver the bike to the junkyard yourself, you sometimes get a little money for it.

Some bike shops also buy older bikes and repair them. Maybe when you buy a new bike with your old model, you can knock out a few dollars.

Otherwise, you still have to dispose of it in bulky waste. Depending on the municipality, there are either fixed dates when the bulky waste is picked up, or you have to call the regulatory office to have your bike picked up.

You can also drop off the bike yourself at many material depots. This is usually free of charge for you – but to be on the safe side, check with your community in advance before you set off.

Author: Nabeel K

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