Tesla Model X to be used as “Astrovan” to drive astronauts to SpaceX Dragon

For the first manned flight of the Crew Dragon capsule, which will take place in 2 weeks, NASA has just unveiled the vehicle which will transport the 2 astronauts to the rocket. It is a Tesla Model X which will replace the famous Astrovan.

Credit: Jim Bridenstine / NASA

To replace the traditional Astrovan used by NASA astronauts to take the terminal to the firing of the Kennedy Space Center until 2011, NASA will use a Tesla Model X . If the old vehicle is a modified Airstream Excella motorhome from 1984, the new one is a small SUV, but one that embraces modernity with its electric motors.

A white Model X stamped NASA for SpaceX missions

As the inaugural manned flight of the Crew Dragon capsule approaches, it is now scheduled for May 27 after being postponed, Jim Bridenstine, director of NASA, has just unveiled what would be the new Astrovan for SpaceX missions. Far from its predecessor, a 1984 stainless steel motorhome, it is a Tesla Model X that will travel the necessary 15 km. White and decorated with large NASA stickers, will be responsible for transporting the 2 astronauts for the Demo-2 mission, a mission for which SpaceX has put a flight simulator online.

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will therefore have the privilege of being the first to take place in this Model X before being also the first to take place in the Crew Dragon capsule. No worries about the space available inside the SUV, a source indicates that there is a lot of space for the 2 astronauts and that the tests have been done many times.

For the missions carried out by Boeing, the American company had unveiled last October its Astrovan II. It is a modified Airstream Atlas Touring motorhome. It did not impress at the time. Built on the basis of a Mercedes Sprinter, it is powered by a combustion engine and above all it looks like a moving truck.

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