How to clear low tire pressure warning on Ford F-150 12th gen 2009-2014

Once the warning light comes on, it doesn’t disappear until you increase the tire pressure to its normal rating. But what if you want to clear the alert from instrument cluster? This tutorial will guide you exactly how to achieve this on Ford F-150 12th generation 2009-2014 model.

A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system which detects the air pressure in the inflatable tires. It gives real-time tire-pressure details to the driver via the instrument cluster or infotainment system. Resetting this warning light is not recommended, but it can be done.

To clear warning light, insert the key in ignition and turn it to on position (don’t start the engine).

Press hazard light button 6 times without delay. The truck’s horn will sound for about a second, and it will display Train Left Front Tire text on the instrument cluster screen.

Now go out of the vehicle to the left front tire and open the air nozzle cap. Then insert a pointy tool to push the nozzle core inside and release air until the vehicle honks which normally happens under 10 seconds, but can take longer.

Close the cap and go back in the vehicle. Now you will see Train Right Front Tire alert message on the screen. Follow the same procedure for all remaining tires, the truck will honk each time to let you know when to stop letting the air out.

After you have trained all four tires, it will show Training Complete message on the screen, press ok button to clear the notification.

Author: Nabeel K

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