Four-wheel drive and more than 1000 hp – Karma reveals details about the E-Flex platform

Electric car start-up Karma Automotive has released some details about its high-performance E-Flex platform. The coming weeks will have to show whether this is an actual product or just a diversion to the rumors of mass layoffs.

In any case, a current announcement shows that the Karma E-Flex platform was also developed for high-performance applications. Four electric motors on the front and rear axles provide all-wheel drive with a peak output of 810 kW / 1100 hp and a wheel torque of 14,000 Nm. The platform should enable acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 1.9 seconds. In addition to the new inverter made of silicon carbide (SiC), the platform also has a battery installed flat in the underbody for optimal weight distribution, which should offer a purely electrical range of up to 640 kilometers (400 miles). The platform should serve as the basis for many different types of vehicles, from e-sports cars towards the autonomous electric transporter .

“Our latest E-Flex platform works well for supercar configurations and is designed for sports cars like the SC2 concept from Karma. The goal of all E-Flex platforms from Karma is to offer our partners a variety of electromobility solutions with different motor systems and battery variants. Our powerful E-Flex platform is one of the highest quality configurations and offers unprecedented performance results. ”- Kevin Zhang, Chief Technology Officer of Karma Automotive

The Karma E-Flex platform uses the new, self-developed technology, manufacturing and design services to offer partners innovative electromobility solutions, the company said. The Karma E-Flex platform should enable other vehicle manufacturers to optimize their development costs and electrify their models faster and more efficiently.

In the coming weeks, Karma plans to introduce further demonstration platforms with more than 22 different configurations and a variety of additional components, including the new SiC inverters from Karma. Karma also announced plans to produce its future Revero GTE, an all-electric version of its award-winning Revero GT on the E-Flex platform.

Author: Nabeel K

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