Audi has to call back more than half a million cars worldwide – code 27H2

From a long recall list of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA – Germany) two major campaigns by VW and Audi are to be highlighted. The most extensive measure is that of Ingolstadt with the internal code “27H2”. 530,000 units of the A4, A5, A6, A7 and Q5 series have to go to contract companies worldwide, of which 53,250 are in Germany.

Audi TT (FV/8S)

Since the Audi press office does not provide any information on recalls, information from various authorities must suffice as a source, in particular from the US Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA), where the campaign has been listed for a long time. Accordingly, fire risk cannot be ruled out for vehicles with mild hybrid systems and two-liter TFSI gasoline engines (EA888) from model years 2017 to 2020.

Possible cracks in the plastic coating of the inverter inside the belt starter generator are to blame. This allows moisture to enter and “as a result short-circuit bridges, which can lead to local overheating in the component,” warns the KBA. The workshop employees will probably replace the entire generator from mid-May. An indication of the repair time is not yet available.

Possible fuel leak in the Audi TT

The protagonist of the second recall is the third generation of the Audi TT (model code FV/8S). Almost 59,000 vehicles have to go into contract because of a possible fuel loss, including 16,724 in Germany. During a crash test, one of the all-wheel drive models showed damage to the fuel tank. Apparently this is caused by the heat shield holder of the fuel tank, because according to the NHTSA it is given a protective cap in the authorized workshop. The “20BX” campaign is intended for the Quattro models built since the start of production up to and including May 13, 2019 and takes about one hour.

Volkswagen Tiguan and T-Roc recall

At Volkswagen, the Tiguan and its little brother T-Roc are on the list – here also with information from the corporate headquarters. With almost 34,000 Tiguan vehicles with R-Line equipment worldwide, the roof edge spoiler could detach from the vehicle. “The reason for this is an improperly set or missing liquid adhesive between the spoiler and body,” said a company spokesman when asked. The German VW contract partners check a little over 11,000 vehicles from the years of construction 2015 to 2019 and renew the gluing of the spoiler if necessary. The recall code is “66L5”.

VW T-Roc: problems with the electric parking brake

Over 12,600 T-Rocs with manual transmission and 1.0 TSI engine may have a problem with the electric parking brake (EPB) because the signal from the transmission neutral gear sensor is not correctly evaluated by the engine control unit. “As a result, it can not be guaranteed that the EPB will fully apply in all cases,” said the spokesman.

On affected vehicles, the VW partner encodes the control unit for the brake electronics, this affects 2,148 vehicles from the years 2017 and 2018 in Germany. The measure with the code “45I5” could be a repeat of the “24DW” recall from 2018.

Author: Nabeel K

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