Ford unveils new more efficient 10-speed automatic transmission for the Ford Transit

Ford has started production of a new 10-speed automatic transmission for RWDs, which offers better performance, exceptional robustness and the ability to tow up to 2,800 kg.

“Commercial vehicle drivers will appreciate the performance of our best-in-class 10-speed automatic transmission, just like operators will benefit from its robustness and efficiency. This transmission is easier to drive and offers excellent towing capacity. It reinforces the reputation of the Ford Transit among professionals.” – (credit: Ford)

This new transmission is an ideal solution for Transit propulsion, especially for delivery companies, emergency response vehicles and motorhomes, as well as 15 and 18-seater minibuses.

Developed in-house and proven on models as diverse as the Ranger and F150 pickups as well as on Mustang, this intelligent transmission is designed to reduce fuel consumption by using a greater number of gears, which allows optimal operation of the engine.

Available on rear-wheel drive Transit equipped with the latest Ford EcoBlue HDT diesel engine of 2.0l and 170 hp, the 10-speed automatic transmission has undergone intensive performance and endurance tests to ensure that it responds perfectly to constraints. specific and intensive use of utility vehicles that transport and tow heavy loads.

The new transmission builds on the many improvements made to Transit in 2019, including more economical and, for the first time, electrified powertrains, as well as a larger payload and more connectivity. The 10-speed transmission is introduced in parallel with the six-speed transmission which is still available for lighter Transit traction.

Designed to last and be efficient

This 10-speed transmission means that the Transit’s 2.0l EcoBlue 170hp engine can run more efficiently and be more responsive. Adaptive programming of real-time gear changes allows the transmission to adapt to road conditions and thus select the optimal ratio for performance and consumption, whatever the driving scenario.

Engineers’ simulations made it possible to optimize the architecture of the gearbox by balancing the advantages of a greater number of reports with the energy lost during more frequent gear changes. A 10-speed gearbox that allows for higher torque and power while delivering the right ratio at the right time has proven to be the optimal choice.

One of the 20 technologies patented during the development of the transmission is the Ford Integrated Cast Solenoid (CIDAS). CIDAS increases the precision of the clutch pressure and reduces the running time to allow faster and smoother gear changes. This allows drivers to use the accelerator less for the same performance result.

A patented low viscosity transmission fluid limits internal friction, further improving fuel efficiency and reducing wear and tear on components, while eliminating the need to drain at regular intervals. A variable geometry pump modifies the flow according to the stress which reduces parasitic losses and therefore consumption. The high-speed one-way clutch also significantly limits vibration and improves the smoothness of low-speed gear changes, which benefits drivers who spend long hours behind the wheel.

The 10-speed automatic transmission is specifically calibrated to adapt to the driving characteristics and the different versions of the Transit, and to work together with Stop & Start technology for even better fuel efficiency. The acceleration is smooth and progressive at low speed and this from the start.

Designed specifically for heavy loads and difficult tasks, the transmission benefited from more than 6 million kilometers of endurance tests during its development, including thousands of kilometers of all-terrain.

A wide range of potential users

Thus equipped with the 10-speed automatic transmission, the Transit offers PTC ranging from 3,500 kg to 4,600 kg, options for single rear axle or twin wheels and is also available for chassis cabs, passenger transport vans and van bodies. With a maximum gross vehicle weight of 6,100 kg, the Transit is ideal for operators in the construction, public services or events sectors who frequently tow heavy equipment. The 10-speed automatic transmission allows Transit to tow up to 2,800 kg.

The simplicity of use of an automatic transmission and its ability to adapt to vehicles with a high payload also make this new transmission a tool perfectly suited to heavier versions, such as delivery vehicles, intervention vehicles emergency vehicles, passenger transport vehicles and other shuttles, as well as large motorhomes. The efficiency and reliability of this new automatic transmission is also ideal for fleet operators who assess the total cost of use and the minimum downtime.

Customers who need a converted vehicle can take advantage of Ford’s One Stop Shop line, which includes tipper, drop sides and body-operated vans, which offer operators a ready-to-use solution for all their customers. needs. For even more specific uses, accredited converters can design and manufacture custom-built vehicles built on Transit with a 10-speed automatic transmission thanks to the Qualified Vehicle Modifier program. A wide range of customizations is available as part of the Special Vehicle Options program to adapt each Transit to each use.

Author: Nabeel K

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