How to use CarPlay in Skoda Rapid Spaceback

Carplay can also be used in the Skoda Rapid Spaceback and the Skoda Superb. Carplay is the most sophisticated, appealing and best-usable of the three systems, Carplay, Android Auto and mirrorlink.

Phone calls

Starting and receiving calls works well with Siri. Alternatively, just type in the phone number on the touchscreen. However, this clearly distracts from the traffic – so give preference to Siri.

If Apple Music is currently playing, the music will be paused for an incoming call. A current navigation on the Apple map app is also hidden for the incoming call. However, calls can only be received that are classically received on the smartphone.

You can also have Siri read out incoming SMS messages and iMessages. And dictate them too.


Playlists can be started easily and accurately via Siri. Alternatively, you can select the desired songs with a tap of your finger. Or you can let Siri play a single song. Here, however, the error rate increases if you do not pronounce the artist and title exactly.

The Skoda’s left steering wheel buttons for mute (mute), change volume and change songs work well in CarPlay. The phone button on the right in the Skoda steering wheel, on the other hand, has no function with CarPlay. Likewise, the voice button at the bottom left of the CarPlay screen is not linked to Siri, but starts the Skoda voice control. The two rotary push buttons below the touch screen regulate the volume of CarPlay and you can use them to jump to the next song.


As usual, the iPhone map app serves as a navigation solution.

If you do not want to burden the data volume of your mobile phone contract with the map data downloaded through the Apple map app, you can use the built-in Skoda Amundsen navigation device parallel to Carplay at any time while Carplay is running. However, the exact traffic situation data from TomTom is only available on the Carplay map app. The Skoda navigation system, on the other hand, only offers the imprecise traffic situation information from TMC. So here you have to weigh up what is more important to you: Exact traffic situation data or saved data volume.

The old problem: Siri easily understands the route destinations directly on the iPhone, but the detection rate via Carplay is poor if the cellular connection is slightly poor. Siri does not even recognize long-known destinations in the map app via Carplay. However, the same destinations can easily be entered into the map app – they are already known there.

Conclusion: CarPlay can be used well in the Skoda Rapid Spaceback and in the Skoda Superb. Only the small number of CarPlay-compatible apps is annoying.

Author: Nabeel K

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