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When parking (2021 Honda Passport) at location which requires valet, should the transmitter along with valet key be left with the attendant?  How is the car locked with the valet key? Should I leave the transmitter with the the Parking attendant?

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Honda Passport does not have a separate valet key or valet mode. But you can use the key to lock the glove box for the valet.

The key that comes out of the remote fob is a backup key. The built-in key can be used to lock/unlock the doors when the smart entry remote battery becomes weak and the power door lock/unlock operation is disabled.

Lock the glove box for valet
Remove the metal key from the fob, lock the glove box with the key, and give the valet the remote fob (transmitter) part without the metal key. Now they can't unlock your glovebox but can easily drive the vehicle.

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