Yamaha Motor to establish Southeast Asia headquarters for robotics business in Thailand

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it will establish a Southeast Asia headquarters for the robotics business in Thailand and strengthen its service and marketing structure.

Yamaha robotics stall at Hannover Messe trade fair

Yamaha Motor has opened a new office in the Navanakorn Industrial Estate in Thailand as the headquarters for Southeast Asia following China, the United States and Europe with the aim of expanding the robotics business in Southeast Asia. At the same time, a new showroom will be established in the office to display a wide range of products in an integrated manner.

The newly established showroom is located on the site of the Thai base of Yamaha Motor Robotics Holdings (YMRH), a company that manufactures and sells semiconductor manufacturing equipment at its group companies. In addition to surface mounters and industrial robots, which are the main products in the robotics business, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which is a product of YMRH, will be installed.

As a result, they have established a system that can quickly provide advanced total solutions based on the “1 STOP SMART SOLUTION” concept, including semiconductor post-processing. In addition to realizing quick and accurate promotions, secure facilities to hold seminars and training for both new and existing users. Through educational activities, the company will strengthen the services and sales skills of local dealers and aim to create a cycle that produces more robust services.

In Southeast Asia, there is steady equipment demand from not only automakers and related parts manufacturers, but also consumer manufacturers such as mobile phones, industrial manufacturers, and semiconductor manufacturers.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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