Turning on or off Flash Lights With Lock in Jeep Grand Cherokee

Modern vehicles come equipped with an array of features that enhance user experience and provide convenience. Among these features, the ability to customize settings such as flashing lights with the lock button on the key fob in a Jeep Grand Cherokee adds a layer of personalization.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to enable or disable the flashing lights with the lock feature on your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Access the Center Screen:

Start by entering your Jeep Grand Cherokee and activating the center screen display. This is the hub for various vehicle settings and customization options.

Navigate to “Vehicle” on the Bottom Category Bar:

On the bottom category bar of the center screen, locate and tap on the “Vehicle” icon. This is where you’ll find a range of options related to your vehicle’s settings and configurations.

Access “Settings” in the Top Right Corner:

Within the “Vehicle” section, look for the “Settings” option. It is usually positioned in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it to enter the settings menu.

Scroll Down and Select “Door & Locks”:

Once you’re in the settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Door & Locks” option on the left-hand side. This menu houses various features related to your vehicle’s doors and locking mechanisms.

Locate “Flash Lights With Lock”:

Within the “Door & Locks” menu, you’ll find a list of options on the right side. Look for “Flash Lights With Lock.” This particular setting controls whether the vehicle’s lights will flash when the lock button on the key fob is pressed.

Toggle the Setting On or Off:

To enable or disable the flashing lights with the lock feature, tap on the radio button next to the “Flash Lights With Lock” option. This radio button allows you to toggle the setting on or off according to your preference.


Customizing the settings on your Jeep Grand Cherokee adds a personal touch to your driving experience. The ability to control whether the vehicle’s lights flash when using the key fob’s lock button is a convenient feature, especially in different situations.

Whether you prefer the added visual confirmation or prefer a more discreet approach, the simple steps outlined above empower you to tailor this aspect of your Jeep Grand Cherokee to suit your preferences. Take advantage of these user-friendly features to make your driving experience both enjoyable and tailored to your individual needs.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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