VW Jetta radiator fan keeps running after turning off the engine

When you turn off the engine in your VW Jetta, the radiator fan may continue to run for some time. This is not a malfunction but a feature.

VW Jetta – (photo by Volkswagen)

The radiator fan run-on indicator appears in the instrument cluster of VW Jetta after the ignition has been switched off, if the radiator fan continues to run.

Why does the radiator fan keep running?

The radiator fan may continue running in Jetta due to:

  • Exhaust gas post-treatment, through particulate filter regeneration, for example.
  • Active brake cooling after descent.
  • Dissipation of engine heat after high load, e.g. trailer mode.

The radiator fan will turn off automatically after a few minutes of turning off the engine.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com