Turning on or off Kia Soul auto folding mirrors

The Kia Soul is a popular subcompact SUV that offers a range of convenient features, including auto-folding mirrors. These mirrors automatically fold inwards when the vehicle is locked, providing additional protection against accidental damage.

However, some drivers may prefer to disable this feature for various reasons, such as personal preference or to increase the working life of the motors. In this article, we will discuss how to enable or disable Kia Soul auto-folding mirrors, providing step-by-step instructions for both options.

The Procedure

Step 1: Locate the mirror control switch

The mirror control switch is located on the driver’s door panel, near the window controls. It has two positions: left and right.

Auto folding on/off switch in 2017 Kia Soul.

Step 2: Enable or disable the auto-folding mirrors

To disable the auto-folding mirrors, simply move the mirror control switch to the left position. To enable the auto-folding mirrors, move the control switch to the default middle position. To manually fold the mirrors, move the switch to the right position.

Step 3: Confirm the changes

To confirm that the auto-folding mirrors have been enabled or disabled, simply walk to the front of the vehicle, lock the vehicle and observe the side mirrors. If the mirrors are folded inwards, the auto-folding feature is enabled. If the mirrors are in their regular position, the feature is disabled.

What is the point of auto-folding mirrors?

Auto-folding mirrors are a convenience feature found in many modern vehicles. The primary purpose of power-folding mirrors is to protect the mirrors from damage when the vehicle is parked or during narrow driving situations. When the mirrors are not in use, they can be folded inwards towards the vehicle’s body, reducing the chances of them getting hit or damaged by passing vehicles or objects.

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com

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