The unique Gemballa Mirage GT crashed in New York

• A drive through the empty streets of New York ended in a disaster.
• Millionaire Benjamin Chen tries to flee the scene of the accident.
• Chen’s garage full of rare sports car models.

On the streets of Manhattan, in an accident caused by a wealthy supercar enthusiast, a very rare sports car built on the Porsche Carrera GT – Gemballa Mirage GT valued at $750,000 was wrecked. The driver was under the influence of drugs and tried to escape from the scene of the accident. This is not the first slip of the millionaire Benjamin Chen behind the wheel of an ultra-expensive car.

New York, particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, is in a state of emergency. Usually, there traffic jams, but now roads are empty, most people are staying home. However, one of the residents went on a ride with an extremely sporty model, built on the Porsche Carrery GT – Gemballa Mirage GT.

The journey ended in a disaster. The police were called to a traffic accident. There was a wrecked sports car. What happened? Contrary to original speculation, the Mirage GT was not stolen. Behind the wheel sat 33-year-old owner Benjamin Chen. Based on the records of city monitoring and numerous social media entries, it is possible to reconstruct the course of events.

On the city camera recording, you can see how the blue Porsche is driving quickly on 11th Avenue in West Manhattan and suddenly turns right. The reason for the strange maneuver is probably the loss of control of the 670 horsepower car. Benjamin Chen fails to control the car again, he hits the parked van with full impetus. Fortunately (unfortunately) because of the coronavirus, the streets are almost empty, so no one is injured in this spectacular collision.

Unbelievable: on another video, it is clearly seen that Chen immediately after hitting tries to drive it off from the scene – despite the fact that the front right wheel is completely destroyed and the car seems unable to drive. New York police reported that Benjamin Chen had damaged several other cars along the way before his car in a pitiful condition stopped at the intersection. Despite the presence of the police, despite the broken front and in the meantime severely damaged rear wheels, Chen once again tries to take off. Another escape attempt?

Police later reveal that Benjamin Chen was under the influence of drugs. His behavior has far-reaching consequences: criminal proceedings, and his expensive Gemballa Mirage GT 23/25 is just a pile of scrap.

What’s left in Benjamin Chen’s garage?
Rare Porsche is not the first supercar crashed by Benjamin Chen. During the Gold Rush rally a few years ago he drove McLaren MP4-12C Spider into the house, during another event he crashed one of only three white Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV with manual transmission. He was also to destroy Koenigsegg Agera R worth over $ 1.5 million. Chen is not ashamed of his risky driving, on the contrary he filmed at 246 mph (396 km/h) with Bugatti Veyron. Despite all these mishaps, Benjamin Chen’s garage is still full of rare and very expensive cars. These include: Mercedes CLK GTR, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc, Lamborghini Miura SVJ, Lamborghini Diablo SV, Lamborghini Aventador SV, Bugatti EB110 SS and Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series.

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Gemballa Mirage GT is now parked at the police car park as evidence and looks tragic. The biggest damage is on the passenger side. Front suspension bent, bonnet detached. The impact was so strong that it reached the windshield, which cracked. The pictures also show airbags that have been deployed. In the whole event even the rear of the car suffered. Only 25 units of Gemballa Mirage GT based on the Porsche Carrera GT were made.

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9 months ago

As this guy has caused several serious crashes by reckless driving, and has far too much money, a suitable sentence would be:
– One year prison
– Driving license revoked for minimum 10 years
– An additional one year in prison as a suspended sentence. This would have to be served in prison if mr. Chen should violate the license revocation, including driving in the US on a foreign license.