Tesla, Amazon, Apple and Google criticize visa cuts

In this case, even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Tesla boss Elon Musk agreed, which otherwise tends to combine a rivalry among multi-billionaires.

Preventing the entry of highly qualified workers into the United States jeopardizes the country’s competitiveness, Bezos said. And Tesla boss Musk, of course, spoke up on the same topic himself and on Twitter and said that he firmly rejects the measure. With this, both responded – like other heads of tech greats in the USA – to the decision of US President Donald Trump to extend massive restrictions on visa issuance until the end of the year.

As with Tesla, Google’s parent company Alphabet and Apple’s bosses spoke personally about the Trump measure. He was “disappointed” with the decision, wrote Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, who was born in India. Immigration has contributed enormously to the economic success of the United States and made Google what it is today. Apple CEO Tim Cook also said that diversity had always been the country’s strength and described himself as “disappointed”. Like Musk for Tesla, the two company directors used Twitter for these messages.

As the BBC reports, the decision of President Trump, on the one hand, means that an estimated 170,000 people will not receive a green card, i.e. no permanent residence permit. This lock should have ended on Monday, but has now been extended to year-end. The US government justified it by saying that this should help more people find their own jobs in the current corona virus crisis. Annual and seasonal visas for specialists and seasonal workers as well as visas for managers are also suspended.

While Apple and Alphabet’s CEOs chose emotional words in their disappointed Twitter comments to the Trump administration, Tesla chief Musk ( himself immigrated from South Africa to the United States ) remained more sober. He also explained that immigration from abroad would ultimately strengthen one’s own economy and lead to the creation of more jobs. At the same time, the Tesla CEO indicated that he thought certain changes to visa law made sense, but without going into more detail.

Author: Nabeel K
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