Renault gives details of the 4,600 planned job cuts in France

The manufacturer clarified on Tuesday its savings plan of two billion euros over three years, which will result in a total of 15,000 job cuts worldwide.

(photo by Renault)

In great financial difficulty, Renault said in late May that it would cut 15,000 jobs worldwide, including 4,600 in France. During a CCSE (Central Social and Economic Committee) held Tuesday morning, the automaker told the social partners a little more about the breakdown of jobs that will disappear in France over the next three years. As a result, 2,100 positions will be cut in production, 1,500 in engineering (17% of the workforce in this category) and 1,000 in support functions. The French group confirmed that this social plan will be done without layoffs. The program includes early retirement without compensation, a voluntary retirement plan, internal mobility or retraining measures.

The government, which allowed the builder to benefit in early June from a PGE (loan guaranteed by the state) of 5 billion euros, did not oppose this painful reorganization. Probably because there are no forced departures. “We are supporting Renault in one of the most serious crises in its history and, to do this, we must accept that there is a part of restructuring”, estimated at the beginning of June the Secretary of State for the Economy, Agnès Pannier- Runacher.

However, not all questions have been raised. Nobody knows what will be the fate of certain sites of the group like the Foundry of Brittany, in Caudan (Morbihan), or the factory of Dieppe, where the Alpine are manufactured. Similarly, the Flins plant (Yvelines), which employs 2,600 people, should be cut off from part of its staff. In 2024, this site, which today manufactures the electric Zoe and the Nissan Micra, would no longer be an automobile factory but would become a center of circular economy.

Renault is not done with the big maneuvers. In early July, Italian Luca de Meo, who was managing Seat, a brand of Volkswagen, will take up his new position as general manager of Renault. It should present its strategic plan in late 2020 or early 2021.

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