Porsche recalls Carrera and Taycan due to insufficient crash resistance

Porsche, the renowned luxury automobile manufacturer, has issued a recall for Carrera and Taycan vehicles produced from 2019 to 2023 over crash safety issue.

The recall, identified by the KBA reference number 012784 and manufacturer code APA4, is aimed at addressing a critical safety concern related to insufficient crash resistance caused by missing joint connection points. While the exact number of affected vehicles worldwide stands at 15, the presumed number of impacted vehicles in Germany alone is 4.

The recall campaign, which is currently under investigation by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority, emphasizes the urgency of this issue. Owners of the affected Carrera and Taycan models are strongly advised to contact the vehicle manufacturer or an authorized Porsche workshop immediately.

According to the official description provided by Porsche, the insufficient crash resistance is attributed to missing joint connection points in the body structure.

To rectify this potential safety hazard, the manufacturer has formulated a corrective action plan. Porsche authorized workshops will conduct thorough inspections of the affected connection points on the body of the vehicles. If necessary, these connection points will be reworked in accordance with the specified guidelines.

Porsche has confirmed that there have been no reported incidents of property damage or personal injury associated with this particular issue. However, due to the potential severity of the problem, the company is urging all affected Carrera and Taycan owners to respond to this recall notice without delay.

The recall was officially announced on May 31, 2023, highlighting the critical importance of this safety measure.

Owners of the affected vehicles are urged to take this recall seriously and act promptly to have their vehicles inspected and repaired by authorized professionals.

KBA reference number: 012784
Manufacturer code of the recall campaign: APA4
Manufacturer brand: PORSCHE
Affected models: CARRERA, TAYCAN
Year of construction from: 2019
Year of construction up to: 2023
Affected vehicles (worldwide): 15
Presumably affected vehicles (Germany): 4
Release date: 05/31/2023

Author: Nabeel K
Email: nabeel@wheelsjoint.com