Fast and Furious 9 postponed to 2021 due to Coronavirus

The virus has a new ‘victim’: the film Fast and Furious 9 is postponed for almost a year. Its release will therefore take place in 2021. which raises questions about the tenth part, which could, suddenly, also be shifted and not coincide with the 20 years of the franchise.

Scene from Fast and Furious 9

Definitely, lovers of the big screen and the automobile will be disappointed, but its for the best. After the new James Bond “Die can wait”, it’s Fast and Furious 9’s turn to be shifted, as confirmed by the film crew of the feature film directed by Justin Lin. An astonishing assertion, contrary to the announcement of Vin Diesel who declared three days ago that he would promote the film in China!

The new release date for the film (which will be marked by the absence of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham) is set for April 2021, almost a year after the official date scheduled for May 20. A sacred postponement, which seems more economical than sanitary: releasing the new film in the middle of a coronavirus period could be a great disappointment for those responsible for the saga, used to earning hundreds of millions of dollars with each new release.

This postponement poses another problem: when will we see the tenth episode of Fast and Furious? Next year, the franchise will celebrate its 20th anniversary (yes, already!). A Fast and Furious 10 would have been legitimate, but with the virus, everything is turned upside down.

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